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LTL Training has been providing services and solutions in technical communication for over 7 years. We work to understand your unique requirements and to devise appropriate, cost-effective solutions.

Each customer is different; each problem is unique. We apply an intelligent combination of communication skills and technologies to each situation.

Our technical writers and technical authors have spent many years creating documentation for a wide spectrum of enterprises, ranging from medical software programs and insurance related products, through to logistics software programs.
We design and develop, as well as consult, with regards to the following User and Technical Documentation:

We are also able to convert your documents into online help, as well as HTML documents for publishing on the World Wide Web.
Client location does not have to be a problem. Depending on your needs, communications can be easily handled with email, fax and telephone calls. We can show you work-in-progress by using any of the above facilities.
We encourage prospective clients to call us and discuss their needs. After an initial consultation, we draft a customized proposal based on verbal or written specifications. This assures our clients of a plan individually tailored to meet their specific needs.
Our services are billed at an hourly rate, however, we can provide a fixed-price quotation depending on your specific requirements.