What is Technical Communication / Technical Writing?

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Technical Communication is a relatively new area within the IT industry. It has evolved in response to the expanding role of technology in people's lives. Although more and more people are working with computers, most do not have an IT qualification, and do not want to learn about the intricacies of computer programming. Instead, they want hardware and software products that are easy-to-use and a manual or online help file that will explain clearly and precisely what to do to carry out a task. The technical writer tries to write about a technical product in a simple and effective way, so that the audience can easily understand it.

All technical products, such as Televisions, VCRs, Office Equipment, Kitchen Appliances, etc. also come with a instruction manual. All these manuals are produced by a Technical Writer.

All businesses require a Technical Writer to produce their company policies and procedures, as well as all business processes.

The Technical Writer analyses a complex system and produces easy-to-use documentation to support it. Because the job of a technical writer entails more than writing, we try to emphasis the communication aspects; speech communication, writing, graphics, animation, layout and design which all play a part.