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The key to a successful online system is that its information is highly structured and therefore easily accessible. Every online medium available - such as the World Wide Web, WinHelp, and electronic books - requires well-structured information to work optimally. You need to transfer your paper documentation to online in the most effective way.

Our online design and documentation services provide three levels of implementation to address your specific online needs.

  1. We evaluate the nature and scope of your online projects.
  2. We structure your existing information for optimal use, as well as assisting you with developing your new documentation needs.
  3. We provide the tools and support to ensure that your online system is effective.
Our flexible approach is tailored towards your organisation's specific needs. We can come in at any stage of the change process and assist you in providing a dynamic solution to your specific requirements.

We have significant consulting experience, and can provide highly specialized support and expertise. Listed below are some examples of the problems your company may be experiencing.

Contact us to assist you with any of the above issues.