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LTL Training's consulting services ensure your in-house training, documentation and procedural requirements are achieved. The consulting process is described below.

1. Identifying Your Needs
During this process, we review your problem or opportunity. We work with you to uncover the causes of your problem, or identify the factors needed to ensure the success of your business. Through this phase we identify what you need to meet your requirements successfully.

2. Analyzing Your Requirements
Once your needs are identified, we collect and analyze information about your organization's work, your employees, and your workplace. Through this process, we determine the documentation and training requirements that will meet your needs.

3. Design and Development
Based on the above we will design, develop, and produce the components of your solution. We follow a defined development process that includes review cycles and pilots, as necessary, to ensure that your goals are met.

4. Implementation
During this phase, we work with you to ensure a successful implementation. We can help you deliver training, prepare trainers, and plan for training administration. We also provide end-user support.

5. Maintenance
Over time, we can help you maintain your information, training materials, or on-line help systems. This will ensure that they are up to date, and reflect your continuously evolving needs.