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MMI Bux180 Standard Bank Repatterning Practitioners Association
Sasol Johannesburg Stock Exchange Telkom Global Technology (GLOBUS Banking UK)
Vodacom Liberty Life Investec NeuralAct (Lucent Technologies UK)
Gold Fields SA FNB HomeLoans FNB Bank City Pi-Log (SABIC - Saudi Arabia)
Eskom Afrox Cell C Dimension Data (USA / Australia)
Pi-Tech Paradigm Systems Technology Interdoc Netactive
Pro Solutions Redline Telecommunications SA Branded Internet (Mecer) Mint
ITI Online Services Randgold Pexten Exponant
Defries Finn & Partners (Attorneys) Elizabeth Anderson Attorney Floor Shield Systems Medi-Clinic
Enerweb South African Airways Spartan M-Cot Training
AutoMate UCS Software Webnautica Cable Plus
Algorithmics Lucentia Coopers and Lybrand Distrillers Corporation
nFold Argile Gift Spot F1 Computer Systems

Johannesburg Stock Exchange


Telephonic support contract.
Training on the Doc-To-Help software.


  • Developing Cascading Style Sheets for a web-based database system.

  • Consulting with regards to their existing documentation and customised help facilities.

  • Creating user manuals and online help systems for their customised software.

  • Creating Computer Based Training modules for self-study training, classroom training, as well as web-based training.

  • Producing release notes for their software.

  • Assisting with setting up and documenting of Quality Assurance procedures.

  • Assisting with marketing brochures.

  • Designing customised document templates.

  • Support contract.

  • Training on Doc-To-Help products.

  • Developed the following user manuals / online help systems :

      1. BP Animator / Designer Manual
        Spreadsheet Combination Object Manual
        Time Management System Manual
        OOPack Modification Process Manual
        Pi-Paq Manual
        Pi-Paq Advanced Manual
        Standard Modifier Dictionary Manual
        PiGo Overview and Product Suit Manual
        PiGo Data Advanced Instructor Guide
        PiGo Commander Manual
        PiGo Command Centre Manual
        PiGo Data Workbench <
        PiGo Data Command Manual
        PiGo Automator Manual
        PiGo Data Instructor Guide
        Pi-View Manual
        Pi-Test Online Help Student Guide
        Pi-Test Workbench Manual
        Pi-Train Manual
        Pi-Train Workbench Manual
        Pi-BPA Manual
        Pi-BPA Workbench Manual
        GIS Manual
        Pi-Hawk Manual
        Pi-Install Manual
        Scheduling Process Manual
        Pi-Start Auto Start Options Manual


Gold Fields SA
  • User Manual for the Integrated Employee Payroll system, comprising of :
      1. Group Computerisation Codes
        Glossary of Terms
        Input Forms
        Intergrated Payroll Control Sub-system
        IPS Control Sub-system
        Parameters File and Parameter File Calculations
  • Online Help Systems for future use.
  • Provided Training on the Payroll system at various mines in the Gauteng area.
  • Designing Training Manuals.


  • User Manuals on their customised medical software.
  • Online help linked to the software.
      1. Introductory Interface
        Accounting Interface
        Administrative Interface
        Clinical Interface
        Dispensing Interface
        Reception Interface
  • Step by Step training manuals on all Interfaces.
  • Test documents.
  • Functional Specifications.


F1 Computer Systems
Creating templates for all their proposals and maintenance contracts.


Designing a software brochure promoting their customised software product.


Training on commercial products for their clients.


South African Airways
Consulting with regards to their online help system for their customised mainframe software.


ITI Online Services
Creating documentation for their customised software product for the Chamber of Mines.


Training on commercial software.
Telephonic support contract.


Elizabeth Anderson Attorney
Training on commercial software.
Telephonic support contract.
Customised templates.


Telephonic support contract.
Training on the Doc-To-Help software.


Distrillers Corporation
Telephonic support contract.
Training on the Doc-To-Help software.


Coopers and Lybrand
Telephonic support.


M-Cot Training
Training on commercial software.


Defries Finn & Partners (Attorneys)
Customised templates.


Paradigm Systems Technology (Pty) Ltd
  • Development of a Product User System for the entire company.

  • Ensuring all changes comply with ISO9000 requirements.

  • Ensuring the overall user-friendliness and efficiency of the existing products and all new products including new screen layouts, accessing information, help facility and the general usability of the product.

  • Participation in the software design cycle for optimum use of specifications in upgrades.

  • Designing of packaged Product User System components.

  • Co-ordinating the development of technology enablement documentation for sister-organisations.

  • Producing all standards with regards the development of documentation.

  • Producing all standards templates for all documentation in the organisation.

  • Creating training courses and training of staff in the use of all new technology.

  • Doing a feasibility study for the company with regards the implementation of an intranet.

  • Converting all existing company documents, procedures and standards into HTML documents.

  • Responsible for maintaining the Corporate INTERNET Web Site.

  • Producing all standards documents with regards to the intranet.

  • Produced the following User Manuals and Online Help Systems :
      1. User System Documentation Controls
        Writing Standards for Business Processes
        Specifications for Field Help
        Proposal for new EPMS 4.5 online document system
        Identifying and documenting a Product User System
        Product User System timetable
        Documentation Review Sheets
        UniFace System Documentation Specifications
        Getting Started with EPMS 4.5.1
        EPMS System Overview
        EPMS Abbreviations
        EPMS Glossary of Terms
        EPMS 4.5B Field Help
        Importing / Exporting Field Help
        CMS Field Help
        MAT Field Help
        MMS Field Help
        Release Notes
        Data Model Installation Guide
        EPMS NT Getting Started User Manual
        EPMS NT Installation Guide
        EPMS OT Installation Guide
        EPMS NT Windows Installation Guide
        Product User System Error Message Standards
        Falcon 3.2 User Manual
        Printing Field help Reports from Uniface
        Using online Field Help
        GRANEDA Installation Guide
        Hardware and Software Requirements Guide
        Ingress Utility Guide
        SYBASE Utility Guide
        EPMS Business Processes - CMS Business Processes / MAT Business Processes / MMS Business Processes - 1) Amending Data in a Form; 2) Establishing and maintaining Allocations; 3) Analysing History; 4) Linking associated information to a System Structure; 5)Resource tariffs and availability; 6) Managing physical storage environments; 7) Creating a bill of material and associated information; 8) CMS Central Functions; 9) MMS Central Functions; 10) Registering Contractor of Parts; 11) Maintenance Costing; 12) Create Maintenance Plan; 13) Create Task in Progress; 14) Verification of DAR Base Information; 15) Managing Delays; 16) Managing Document Distribution; 17) Creating an Engineering Change Progression Profile; 18) Equipment Performance Analysis; 19) Updating Equipment Ageing; 20) Creating an Equipment Journal; 21) Registering Equipment Type Baselines and Associated Information; 22) Feedback Task Execution Information; 23) Managing FRACAS; 24) Creating a Functional Structure; 25) Establishing and maintaining further accounts; 26) Implementing an engineering change on a specific structure and equipment; 27) Installation of a new equipment meter; 28) Registering an Item Master; 29) Manage Maintenance Policies; 30) Creating a master record index; 31) Creating a PAC structure and associated information; 32) Managing equipment over time; 33) Registering a manufacturer/contractor; 34) Modifying documentation; 35) Modifying an equipment type baseline; 36) Modifying part numbers and associated information; 37) Establishing and maintaining master structures and CRZ detail; 38) Define maintenance object utilisation; 39) Populating a Specific Structure; 40) Allocating provisioning codes and registering provisioning structures; 41) Compiling a document register; 42) Registering an engineering change; 43) Registering Parts; 44) Printing or viewing a report; 45) Creating a role configuration; 46) Standard Maintenance Tasks; 47) Creating a specific structure; 48) Establishing and maintaining stock accounts; 49) Creating a system structure from PAC structures; 50) Creating a specific sub-structure from PAC structures; 51) Manage time and attendance; 52) Transfer maintenance plan to WIP; 53) Manage tasks in progress; 54) Manage warranties


Liberty Life
  • Official training of Liberty Life software to intermediaries and clients (Classroom environment).

  • Produced all manuals for each of the courses.

  • Training clients in the use of Liberty Life software packages, as well as other commercial packages.

  • Installation of Liberty Life software packages, as well as other commercial packages.

  • Development of all installation guides.

  • Support of insurance products.

  • Giving demos on various software packages and in-office procedures.

  • Designing Evaluation Forms for training

  • Produced the following User Manuals :
      1. Installation Procedure for Adlib 2.07
        Installation Procedure for Adlib 3.00 Guide
        Adlib Problem Reporting Procedure
        Adlib 2.08 Technical Update User Guide
        Adlib Downline loading through natural connection
        Adlib Support Utility Program
        Actuarial Calculation Request User Manual
        Ad_Maint Utility User Manual
        Introduction to DOS
        BeauLink User Manual
        Hardware and Software User Manual
        Browse Utility User Manual
        Call Logging Procedure Guide
        Call Logging System Procedure Guide - Problems unresolved within 8 hours
        CommLink User Manual
        MailLink User Manual
        Q&A Branch Administration Services Procedure Guide
        LibQuote Disk Copying Procedure Guide
        The Editor User Manual
        Electronic Servicing Online Help and Case Studies
        Electronic Servicing Quick Reference Guide
        ABC-Fax Installation Guide
        FOXI Faxing Procedure
        Preparing an IBM Model 30 for use Guide
        Introduction to PC's - Walk-in-Centres
        LibEnq User Manual
        LibQuote Installation Guide
        LOA Tax Calculator Installation Procedure
        MedLink User Manual
        MIPLink User Manual
        MIPMan User Manual
        NBLink User Manual (New Business Enquiry)
        PC Audit Installation Procedure Guide
        PONC Procedure for all Site Calls
        Procedure Guide for Pool Car
        Preference User Manual
        New Business Reprint Facility User Manual
        TaxLink User Manual
        Telephone Procedure for PC Support and Hot Desk
        TeleTag software User Guide
        Training Room Procedures
        Training Schedule Procedure
        TrkLink Alpha Enquiry User Manual
        Installation of WordStar 6.0 for Adlib Users manual


Floor Shield Systems
Telephonic support contract.


  • Re-design of user interface.

  • Testing of software.

  • Online Help System for IBS (Information Business System) - web help and paper-based user manual.

  • Top

    FNB HomeLoans
    • Integrated online help system for NAS (New Acquisitions System for HomeLoans). A web based help system and paper-based user manual.

    • Responsible for designing and maintaining their Intranet using Robohelp and Robohelp Engine.

    • Intranet Owner - maintaining the entire intranet and its contents for FNB HomeLoans.

    • Producing Student Guides for training of the NAS application.

    • Designing of Project Management website.

    • Consulting with regards to best practices regarding documentation and help systems.

    • Testing of all software.

    • Liason between the Business and the IT department.

    • PowerPoint training presentations for Scoring system.

    • PowerPoint presentation for roadshow.

    • Questionnaires.

    • Synergy Scoring System online help system.

    • Producing online help systems and user manuals for the following customised software:
      1. Access Register Manual
        Access Control System Manual
        Attorney Directory Manual
        CTS Manual
        Data Viewer Manual
        Datasure Manual
        eBucks Manual
        File Tracker Manual
        Frontier Manual
        Home Traders Manual
        House Keeping Manual
        NAS Loans Processing Manual
        NAS Sales Manual
        Proj Man Manual
        Provisions Manual
        Resource and Asset Maintenance Register Manual
        Star Team Manual
        STS Manual
        Visual Source Safe Manual


    Online web e-learning program on Money Laundering for Financial Intelligence Services. (Authorware)


    Branded Internet (Mecer)
    Produced 4 separate user manuals that were converted to PDF format for Mecer.
  • Dashboard user manual
  • Introduction to using the Internet user manual
  • Introduction to using Outlook user manual
  • Mecer Net Internet Connection Manager Installation Guide
  • Top

    FNB - Bank City
  • Produced a customised MS-Word training manual template together with a customised Toolbar.
  • Maintenance Screens training manual.
  • Top

    (2004 - 2009) Produced online help systems and training manuals for the following applications:
    • Develop Robohelp Online Help System for Finance, Procurement and Service Management modules for Shared Services.
    • Create an Introduction manual to Ciboodle.
    • Develop Assessments.
    • Develop Trainer Guides.
    • Consult with regards to Trainer needs and End User Requirements.
    • Technical Author for IM related learning material
    • Design and development /updating of learning material for GTX, IFMS, CC&B, KCD
    • Design and development/updating of STT's, Learner Guides, Performance Aids for CC&B training
    • Maintenance of LMS system / website
    • Power Conservation Programme for Government/Eskom
    • Required to develop training manuals for PCP project
    • GTX (Call Centre software application (used nationwide)
    • Key Customer Database (KCD)
    • Integrated Fleet Management System (used nationwide)
    • Eskom Glossary of Terms
    • Cordaptix - Liabilities
    • FBE
    • ALF
    (2010) Produced Business Processes for the Finance and Procurement Shared Services department. This comprised of:
    • Updated / Created 130 Business Processes
    • Updated / Created the necessary visio diagrams
    • Merged the current Business Process documents / Job Aids / Training Material / Powerpoint Presentations / ARIS documentation to create one document that could be used for Training purposes.
    • Liaise with Super Users and departmental staff to identify the new business processes and to identify changes to the existing business processes.
    • Develop Business Processes that reflect all Manual procedures, SAP procedures and CiBoodle procedures.
    • Develop Business Processes to reflect the following: Responsible Person, RACI, Application to be used, Manual/System Procedure and Task Description, as well as SAP menu paths.
    • All documentation, visio diagrams, swim lane diagrams were then imported into an Online Help System (Robohelp) to be used for Training purposes and ongoing support.
    • Merge Business Process online help system with the existing CiBoodle Software Application online help system.
    • Develop a Financial and Departmental Glossary of Terms.


    UCS Software
    Creation of data sheets and marketing brochures for the Office Retail software application.


  • Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 customised training user manual for Alexander Forbes.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 customised online help system for Arivia.kom.

  • Marketing document introducing the benefits of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2003.

  • Top

    • Consulting regarding existing Networks software application user interface. Redesigned new interface.
    • Designed and created Online Help Systems for Networks Reporting Applications
      1. Netstats
        Netstats SS
        Admin All
    • Marketing material

    • Designed intranet "Hall of Fame".


    Cable Plus
    Developed and designed a company profile and brochure.


    Dimension Data
  • Designed MS-Word template (including Dimension Data toolbar) for Data Profiler proposals.

  • Designed Virtualisation Assessment Template (including Dimension Data toolbar).

  • Created 1 generic template combining all macros and templates from all existing templates.

  • Top

    Created User Manual for VMS (Vendor Managed Solutions) system.


    Developed and designed a company profile and brochure.


    Gift Spot
    Website design and update.


    • Official training on Windows XP, MS-Word, MS-Powerpoint, MS-Excel, MS-Outlook.
    • March 2009 - Selected as a PREFERRED TRAINER for Investec.


    • Created an Online Help System and User Manual on SharePoint Services 2007.
    • Provided training to all employees in the use of their customised SharePoint Services 2007 intranet.


    Develop Captivate videos and User Manuals for PeopleSoft LMS application (administrators).


    Assisted with the usability design of the Bux180 websites.


    Standard Bank
    Designed 3 x MS-Word Templates to be used for Finacle Training material.
    Designed 2 proof of concept training documents to be used for Finacle Training material . CIF Overview and CIF - Add a Retail Customer Module.


    Repatterning Practitioners Association
    • Redesigned 4 x websites for the non-profit Resonance Repatterning Association (RPA). Redesigned official RPA website, Designated Observer website, Student Practitioner website and Store website.
    • Rewrote 20 emails that are sent to members on a regular basis.
    • Combined 5+ emails to create one comprehensive email that is sent to student members.
    • Designed 10 letters that are sent to members and student members who renew their membership.
    • Redesigned the RPA logo.